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Prepare for your facility site review

To keep your Medi-Cal contract or become eligible for membership, the state of California requires that you complete the facility site and medical record review (FSR/MRR) and physical accessibility review survey (PARS) every three years. Check out some resources and trainings that can help you prepare for your initial or scheduled reviews.


Types of reviews and criteria

FSRs are conducted to ensure that all contracted primary care provider (PCP) sites have enough capacity to provide appropriate primary health care services and can maintain patient safety standards and practices. The FSR also confirms the PCP site operates in compliance with all local, state and federal laws and regulations.


For more information, you can check out the FSR standards and tool form.


FSR standards (PDF)


FSR tool (PDF)

MRRs are conducted to review medical records for format, legal protocols and documented evidence of the provision of preventive care and coordination and continuity of care services. The medical record provides legal proof that the patient received care.


You can check out the MRR standards and tool form to learn more.


MRR standards (PDF)


MRR tool (PDF)

PARS are conducted to assess the physical adequacy of provider sites that provide services to seniors and people with disabilities.


PARS tool (PDF)

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) requires the monitoring of PCP offices between each regularly scheduled site review audit. This review is an assessment of compliance to the critical element criteria component of the three-year full scope periodic audit. The interim FSR occurs 18 months after a periodic review takes place. 


For more information, you can check out the interim FSR — 14 critical elements form.


Interim FSR — 14 critical elements (PDF)

Mandatory new standard training

The DHCS has updated the 2012 tools and guidelines effective July 1, 2022. Guidelines are now “standards” and reflect the most current multi-organization practices. The state’s managed care plans have produced two videos to comply with the required training related to the new standards. You can also download the presentation that accompanies each video.


In addition to completing the training, be sure to refer to the “improving quality of care — resource guide and obstetric updates” document for best practice and updated material.

Helpful tools and resources


You have many tools and resources to help you understand the current standards and achieve a successful review. These include:


  • Sample or generic documents that you can easily customize to your needs to meet compliance
  • Links to public or government entity websites that offer further guidance and information


On site checklist (PDF)


FSR and MRR preparation checklist (PDF)


If your office is scheduled for an initial or relocation FSR, you may request an educational visit before the official review. To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact the reviewer in your county.

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