Recursos para una vida saludable

Change your life for the better

Sabemos que cada persona tiene necesidades diferentes. No matter how old or young you are, you can always change your life for the better. There may be things you can't change, like your family genes or your age. But, some change you can control. Queremos trabajar con usted para ayudarle a alcanzar sus objetivos de salud.

Por eso ofrecemos información para ayudarle a mantenerse saludable. Trying to quit smoking? We have tips and programs for you. Looking to eat better or start exercising? We're here to motivate you. You have access to resources, libraries and tools.

We want you to feel that you can take charge of your own health. We're here to help you make the healthcare decisions that are right for you. Together, we're a team!

Eating healthy doesn't have to cost a lot. Learn how to eat better on a budget with Choose My Plate. These easy tips come free to everyone from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Heart Health is a great source of delicious, healthy recipes provided by the National Institutes of Health.

We know people like to get information in different ways. You can listen to free podcasts to learn more about staying healthy.

You can listen to podcasts on topics like weight loss, high blood pressure and heart disease. Find a subject of interest to you at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

Healthy Weight – it’s not a diet, it’s a life style! Staying in control of your weight helps you stay healthy at any age.

  • Get regular physical activity
  • Limit high-calorie foods and drinks

Stay active

  • Take walks, garden, or do other activities you enjoy each day.
  • Run errands on foot or bike, whenever possible, instead of by car.
  • Join a walking or biking club.

Improve your diet

  • Eat fewer red meats and processed meats.
  • Eat at least 2.5 cups of fruits and vegetables daily, especially leafy greens.
  • Eat more whole grains instead of refined grain products.
  • Eat more vegetable protein, such as tofu.
  • Eat foods from the cabbage family, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts.
  • Limit alcohol to two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women.

Krames Online is an education resource. It has more than 4,000 health and medication topics. Puede buscar respuestas las 24 horas del día. Krames Online lets you and your family find answers to most questions, both big and small.

MedlinePlus is the National Institutes of Health's website for patients and their families and friends. Está producido por la Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina. Obtendrá la información de salud que necesita en el idioma que pueda entender. ¡Este servicio es confiable, actualizado y gratuito!

Dejar de fumar no es fácil, pero es posible. Si quiere dejar de fumar (para siempre), necesita saber a lo que se enfrenta, cuáles son sus opciones y dónde recurrir para conseguir ayuda. You'll find lots of helpful information here:


Use this quit calculator tool to see just how much you’ll be saving once you’re tobacco-free. Click on the Plan name below for more information on how to enroll.

Get information about local programs.  Con Aunt Bertha puede conseguir fácilmente la ayuda que necesita.