Care Management

Our care coordinators here to help you manage your health. They’re nurses, social workers and licensed counselors. They understand your health conditions and can help you get the care you need.

Do you have special health care needs? If a care coordinator can help, we’ll contact you and assign one to help after you enroll. A care coordinator can help you:

  • Find a medical home where you can receive most of your medical care
  • Make a doctor’s appointment
  • Find ways to manage your condition so you can avoid visits to the emergency room when you don’t feel well
  • Make a care plan that is just for you
  • Learn more about any chronic conditions
  • Work with other agencies to make sure you get the care you need
  • Find helpful info about your conditions
  • Stay on your treatment plan
  • Update your doctor on your conditions between office visits

Need more info? Just call Member Services at 1-855-463-0933 (TTY: 711). We’re here for you every day, from 8 AM to 8 PM, seven days a week.

Care coordinators don’t just help with urgent needs. They can give you general advice that helps you stay well. So you may also get a call from us to:

  • Complete your comprehensive health risk assessment
  • Work with you and your doctor to support your care plan
  • Talk about some questions to ask your doctor
  • Find out about health and wellness programs that might be right for you
  • Learn about resources and services
  • Talk about ways you can work toward good health
  • Direct you to online resources for self-care
  • Help you avoid another hospital stay


Did you have a recent hospital stay? If yes, we’ll check in with you to:

  • See if you need help understanding your discharge instructions
  • Confirm you’ve filled your prescriptions
  • Remind you to schedule follow-up care


Need help? Just call Member Services at 1-855-463-0933 (TTY: 711). We’re here for you every day, from 8 AM to 8 PM, seven days a week.

We call every new member for a health risk assessment. During this call, we’ll ask you some health questions. This survey helps your care coordinator understand your health and social needs.

Your care coordinator, along with your care team, will design a personal care plan just for you. They’ll help you understand your care plan and get other services you might need. They’ll also share the info with your doctor so they can work together to help you stay well.

Our care coordinators use this info to provide you with health education. We may mail you info abut a condition you have. The goal of these materials? Helping you stay as healthy as you can be.

The health risk assessment is easy. Your answers are private. And they won’t affect your coverage with us. You can reach the care management team at 1-855-463-0933 (TTY: 711). They’re here for you Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.