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We invest in our Aetna Better Health® of Michigan and Medicare-Medicaid (Aetna Better Health Premier Plan) providers. This is part of our commitment to providing quality physical and behavioral health care services to our members. Ready to start? Just complete our provider intake form.


You can learn more about our network. Just contact us.

Why our network?

Why our network?

Whether you’re a physical or other health care provider, we’ll work with you to understand your business and meet your needs.

When you take part in our provider network, you benefit from:

  • Competitive compensation 

  • Ongoing support and learning opportunities 

  • Timely and efficient claims processing

  • Advanced technology to help enhance patient care

  • Dedicated support from us 

Ready to join our network?

Ready to join our network?

Complete our provider intake form

The provider intake form will help us better understand what services you provide and your location. It will also help us gather any other information needed for the contracting process.

Contracted providers

  • If you are already a contracted provider and would like to add a practitioner to your group, you can contact us.

Vision care providers

  • If you are an optometrist or ophthalmologist, contact our vision vendor, Vision Service Plan.

Dental care providers

  • If you are a dental provider, contact our dental vendor, DentaQuest.


Medicaid provider intake form  Medicare-Medicaid plan provider intake form

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