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At Aetna Better Health® of Texas, we invest in our providers. This is part of our commitment to providing quality medical and behavioral health care services to our members. 

Ready to start?

Why our network?

Why our network?

Whether you’re a physical or behavioral health care provider, we’ll work with you to understand your business and meet your needs.


When you take part in our strong provider network, you benefit from:


  • Competitive compensation
  • Ongoing support and learning opportunities 
  • Timely and efficient claims processing
  • Advanced technology to help enhance patient care
  • Dedicated support from us

Your Provider Relations team

Your Provider Relations team

After you join our network, we’ll assign you a network consultant. They’ll be your primary point of contact with us, sharing important info with you. They’ll also help you with any admin or operational concerns, like tracking member info and updates, finding forms and reviewing claims or remittance advice.


Your network consultant will:


  • Share our administrative policies and procedures
  • Communicate changes and updates that help you in the efficient administration of our plans
  • Advocate on your behalf to resolve issues
  • Manage changes to your demographic info

Our network consultants are based in the communities they serve, fostering personal relationships and a high level of responsiveness. They engage with providers in a variety of ways to provide proactive, prompt and collaborative communication.


You can also find answers in your provider materials, like your provider manual (PDF), notices and newsletters, training, emails and more.


You can also email your your network consultant.

How to join our network

Get started

Just complete the Prospective provider form (PDF) and email it to us. We’ll send you a letter accepting or declining a contract.

Get contracted

If we offer a contract, complete the contract packet and email it to us, along with your W-9 form (PDF).

Get credentialed

We use Aperture CVO for Medicaid credentialing. You have the right to expedited credentialing. 


Expedited credentialing 


Expedited credentialing, pursuant to Texas Government Code; Sec. 533.0064 allows qualified applicant providers to serve Medicaid recipients on a provisional basis while their credentialing application is pending. To qualify, providers must meet all these criteria:


  • Be a member of an established health care provider group that has a current contract with us
  • Be a Medicaid-enrolled provider
  • Agree to comply with the terms of our contract
  • Submit all documentation and info that we require as necessary to begin the credentialing process

Expedited credentialing is completed within 30 days of receipt of a complete application.


Long-term services and supports (LTSS) providers and facilities


  • Apply at Availity. You’ll want to upload your licenses and certificates there. And be sure to give us access to your completed application. Need help with your application? Just call Availity at 1-800-282-4548.
  • Provide three personal references related to your practice. Then, email us the references.

Get welcomed

We’ll let you know your effective date of participation after complete credentialing and full execution of your contract. Be sure to wait for this date before you start seeing our plan members. If it’s a new contract, you’ll receive the fully executed contract.


Questions? Just call us based on your service area and plan. Or email us.

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