Cultural Competency

Physicians and staff get free cultural competency training

You can get valuable information on cultural competency and working with diverse populations in a health care setting.

The latest U.S. Census Bureau report shows as the nation moves into the 21st century, our country is more diverse than it’s ever been. Understanding how one’s culture affects their attitude when it comes to health and wellness is becoming essential. And cross cultural care is a major quality issue for health care systems, as well as a risk management issue and a must-have skill set for all clinicians. Let us help you begin your culture competency training with Quality Interactions for Health Care Professionals®.

Quality Interactions for Health Care Professionals® is an innovative e-learning program providing practical cultural competency and cross-cultural communication training for physicians, nurses, and health care professionals. The training is based on the idea that individuals are the best resource when it comes to their cultures.

Quality Interactions for Health Care Professionals

Some objectives of the courses are:

  • Effectively engaging in a cross-cultural interaction
  • Respecting and valuing cultural diversity
  • Communicating clearly in cross-cultural interactions
  • Understanding and explore cultural differences

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