Aetna Better Health is committed to making its website and electronic information accessible to all users.

Alternate access to web information
All Aetna Better Health information should be accessible via screen readers and other accessibility tools. If you need an alternative means of access to any of our information, please contact us.

Adobe® PDFs
Many of our documents are available in PDF format. Adobe® Reader includes “Read Out Loud” option. You can download Adobe® Reader at no charge from Adobe.

Install Adobe® Reader

You can use these keyboard shortcuts have a PDF “Read Out Loud”:
Read single page: Shift + Ctrl + V
Read entire document: Shift + Ctrl + B

Adobe® Reader makes the text in Adobe PDF files into speech. It’s available for Windows® or Macintosh computers. Anyone can read basic Adobe® PDF text files aloud, even without a screen reader.

Using screen readers
If you use screen reader software that doesn’t work with Adobe® Reader, Adobe® has a free online tool to convert content to a different format.

If you need to assistance to convert PDF documents, Adobe® offers conversion tools at its Accessibility Resource Center.

Aetna Better Health’s websites complies with the regulations of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Policy for Section 508 Compliance.