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Whether you qualify will depend on your income level and family size. In general, single Maryland residents without children with household incomes less than $16,643 are eligible. If you’re pregnant or have a family with children, you may earn more and still qualify.

Maryland residents above these income levels may be eligible for financial help with a qualified health plan purchased through Maryland Health Connection.

When you fill out an application with Maryland Health Connection, you’ll learn if you or your children qualify for free or low-cost coverage through Medicaid, MCHP, or MCHP Premium.

If you require nursing home care, have high or recurring medical bills, or have special health care needs, you may be eligible for Medicaid on a different basis. To apply for Medicaid based on these needs, call 1-800-332-6347 or apply for benefits using (formerly SAIL) or by going to your local Department of Social Services (DSS).


You or members of your family may qualify for Medicaid through Maryland Health Connection. If you do, you will receive free health care. You can enroll in Medicaid all year long.

You will need to have the following information available when you apply for coverage:

  • Household monthly income (including pay stubs, W-2 forms or tax returns if you have them)
  • Social Security Numbers or document numbers for each household member applying
  • Date of birth for each household member applying for coverage
  • Immigration information, if applicable

Apply online: Apply online at Maryland Health Connection
Apply in person: Apply at your local county social services or health department office, where you can get personal assistance completing your application.
Call: 1-855-642-8572 (TTY 1-855-642-8573)

Once you are qualified for Medicaid, choose Aetna Better Health of Maryland as your health care provider.