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Dual Plan Clinical Payment, Coding and Policy Changes, eff. 3/1/2023

Medicaid Clinical Payment, Coding and Policy Changes, eff. 3/1/2023

Provider Letter - Duals NPP Meeting

Provider Letter - Medicaid NPP Meeting

Important Behavioral Health services change for MCCMH and SWMBH regions

Prior Authorization Waiver Notification

Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health Program Ending

MMP/Duals Precertification Optimization removal

Hep C Academic Notice

MI Assistance Request on the Quality Management and Utilization Management Committees

Healthy Home Visit Program

Precertification Optimization Notice 3rd Update

Medicaid Precertification Optimization

MMP/Duals Precertification Optimization Add

Provider Notification - Duals - Precertification Optimization

Nursing Facility Claim Submission Update

New P.O. Box Address and Vendor for Paper Claim and Claim Correspondence – Effective 11/15/2021

Ambulance Claims Notification

Change of Claims Mailing Address

Hep C notification

2021 VBS Booklet

COVID-19 Communications Update (effective April 19, 2021): Skilled Nursing Facility Changes in Prior Authorization/Precertification and Admissions Protocols for Aetna Better Health of Michigan

Aetna Portal Upgrade

IMPART Alliance Infection Control Training

Upgrades to the Provider Portal

Prior Authorization Fax Numbers for Providers

Provider Letter - Web Access introduction Letter

Provider Letter - Secured File Transfer Protocol (sFTP) Information Request

Billing for COVID-19 vaccination and Monoclonal Antibody infusion treatment


CMS NEWS: CMS Takes Action to Protect Integrity of COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Communications Update: Changes in Prior Authorization/Precertification and Admissions Protocols for Aetna Better Health of Michigan

COVID-19 Update Effective May 31st, 2020: Prior Authorization/Pre-Certification/Admissions Protocol

COVID-19 Communications Update (effective May 7, 2020): Changes in Prior Authorization/Precertification and Admissions Protocols for Aetna Better Health of Michigan

COVID-19 Update Effective May 7, 2020: Prior Authorization/Pre-Certification/Admissions Protocol

COVID 19: Taking Action

Provider Notification for Sterilization Codes

Medicaid Evita Provider Letter

Eviti Recommended Provider Notice Letter

COVID-19 Update 04/14/2020: Prior Authorization/Pre-Certification/Admissions Protocol

PDGM Provider Communication

PDPM Provider Communication

Dispute Appeal Grievance Processes (Aetna Better Health of Michigan)

Dispute Appeal Grievance Processes (Aetna Better Health Premier Plan)

Provider Letter - Quest Diagnostic letter

Provider Letter - Provider Evaluation and Management (EM) coding Letter

Provider Letter - MI HRA Fax Blast

Provider Letter - Final Prior Auth letter

HEDIS Training Webinar Series

Provider Notice of PHQ9 and SBIRT Tool and Information

CHAMPS provider enrollment outreach letter

Cross Claim Payment Policy

Jimmo v. Sebelius letter

Novermber 2017 Provider Webinar invitation

Nursing Home Billers

PCMH Survey 8-25-2017

PCMH Survey 9-7-2017

Quest Diagnostic Letter

September 2017 Provider Webinar Invitation

Urgent Authorization Request

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Provider Bulletins

Provider Bulletin No 210 - Sickle Cell Warriors - FY22 Provider fax blast

Provider Bulletin - MI_P4Q_2022 Incentive Program

Provider Bulletin No 209 - MI Call to Action

Provider Bulletin No 208 - Attending Provider Billing

Provider Bulletin No 207 - New Policy Updates - Clinical Payment Coding and Policy Changes

Provider Bulletin No 206 - Meeting our Members' Language Needs

Provider Bulletin No 205 - Prior Auth Fax Number

Provider Bulletin No 204 - Change in Prior Authorization process for OB Ultrasounds

Provider Bulletin No 203 - New Transportation Provider

Provider Bulletin No 202 FINAL - ABH of MI Member Support in Pandemic

Provider Bulletin No 200 - ABH Shutdown Retraction

Provider Bulletin No 199 - Prior Auth Update Ordering Practitioner

Provider Bulletin No 198 SNIP Level editing

Provider Bulletin No 197 Updated Availity Flyer

Provider Bulletin No 196 - Change in Process for Credentialing & Contracting Submissions - Email box update

Provider Bulletin 195 - Availity Flyer

Provider Bulletin no. 194 - GIC Availity

Provider Bulletin No 191 - Letter PA for Hep C

Provider Bulletin No 190 - Post COVID Provider Survey Remediated

HEDIS 2020 - 2019 Quality report - Duals

HEDIS 2020 - 2019 Quality report - Medicaid

Provider Bulletin No 189 - Aetna Mental Health Services - BCS

Provider Bulletin No 188 - ABH MI Prior Authorization Requirements

Provider Bulletin No 187 - ABH of MI Letter

Provider Bulletin No 186 - MI SNF Liberalization Status - ABH MI Admission statement

Provider Bulletin No 185 - The Availity Provider Portal - For HPs to use to announce Availity Remediated

Provider Bulletin 182

Provider Bulletin 181

Provider Bulletin No 180 - Office Location Change

Provider Bulletin No 179 - November ABH Webinar Coding Specific Topic Closing HEDIS gaps for HEDIS 2021

Provider Bulletin No 178 - AET One Call NEMT

Provider Bulletin No 177 - SNF Grants

Provider Bulletin No 176 - Provider Relief Extended 9.3.2020


Provider Bulletin No 172 Attachment - MI P4Q 2020 Incentive Program

Provider Bulletin No 170 - Provider Notification for 2020 Code Changes from PA Y to PA N

Provider Bulletin No 167 - G and A Change of Address

Provider Bulletin No 167 - Non Par Appeal Form

Provider Bulletin No 167 - Dispute Form 6-2019

Provider Bulletin No 166 - PA Change J3145

Provider Bulletin No 165-Change in PA Requirements S2900 2019

Provider Bulletin No 164- Payment Integrity Project

Provider Bulletin No 162 - ABH Emergency Room Facility Claims Bulletin

Provider Bulletin 159 - Additional Copies of Remittance Advice

Provider Bulletin 158 - PA Codes 2019 Updates

Provider Bulletin No. 157 - Medicaid Participating Pharmacies


Provider Bulletin No 154 - HRA

Provider Bulletin No 153 - Prior Authorization Requirements

Provider Bulletin No. 148 - Health Risk Assessment

Provider Bulletin No. 149 - Nursing Home Bulletin

Provider Bulletin No. 150 - Prior Authorization

Provider Bulletin No. 151 CHAMPS enrollment

Provider Bulletin No. 152 - Cotiviti Overpayment Letter

Bulletin No. 141 Preauthorization List

Bulletin No. 142A Satisfaction Survey Letter

Bulletin No. 142 Satisfaction Survey Results

Bulletin No. 143 DentaQuest Dental Program

Bulletin No. 144 Medicaid MiChild

Provider Bulletin #146 PHQ-9 SBIRT

Provider Bulletin #147 MOON