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Mountain Health Promise

We’re proud to serve children and youth in West Virginia’s foster and adoptive care systems. Eligible members, including those who support them, can get the help and tools they need to be successful. 


You can check your member handbook (PDF). Or call Member Services at 1-888-348-2922 (TTY: 711). We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

What is Mountain Health Promise?

What is Mountain Health Promise?

Mountain Health Promise members receive their coverage and extra benefits through Aetna Better Health® of West Virginia. Our care management team includes nurses and social workers. We'll work with providers, agencies and others to get your child the services they need. We can help make appointments and discuss your child’s care with their doctor. We can also help families and caregivers find their way and make it easier to get the resources they need.


To learn more about Mountain Health Promise, just visit the Bureau for Medical Services (BMS) website.

Who is eligible?

Who is eligible?

Children and youth who qualify for Mountain Health Promise meet at least one of these requirements:


  • Are in foster care, kinship care or adoptive care 
  • Are receiving Socially Necessary Services (SNS) through child welfare support services 
  • Are eligible for the CSEDW (Children with Serious Emotional Disorder Waiver)
  • Youth formerly in foster care up to age twenty-six (26) who aged out of foster care while enrolled in Medicaid in the state of West Virginia.


Members don’t need to enroll


Those who qualify for Mountain Health Promise are automatically enrolled in the program. 


Note: Once enrolled in the program, only youth in adoptive care will have the option to opt out.

Extra benefits for members

Gifts and rewards you can earn


Through Mountain Health Promise, we’ll provide extra benefits (PDF), including special services, gifts and rewards you can earn. These help our members get the extra help they need while staying connected with their support systems. 





  • Tablet or laptop: Get a free tablet (ages 13 to 17) or laptop (ages 18+) as part of the Connections for Life Program
  • Birthday in a Box: Get a “birthday in a box,” which includes party supplies and a gift
  • Essential Needs Duffle bag: The bag will contain hygiene and personal care items 

Wellness visits


  • Earn $25: Complete yearly well care visit (ages 12 to 21 years)
  • Earn $25: Complete behavioral health follow-up visit (within 7 days after ED visit for diagnosis of mental illness or intentional self-harm, ages 6 and older)
  • Earn $25: Complete behavioral health follow-up visit (within 30 days after ED visit for diagnosis of mental illness or intentional self-harm, ages 6 and older)



  • Earn $50: Complete childhood immunizations (DTaP, IPV, MMR, Hib, Hep B, VZV, PCV, Hep A, Rotavirus, and Influenza vaccines) by the 2nd birthday
  • Earn $50: Complete adolescent immunizations (HPV series, Tdap, and Meningococcal) by the 13th birthday
  • Earn $25: Complete lead screening test by the 2nd birthday
  • Earn $25: WV State Park Gift Card: Receive annual flu shot (adult members 18 and older)

Diabetes management


  • Earn $25: Enroll in a diabetes support program and complete A1C testing
  • Earn $50: Complete yearly diabetic eye exam

Pregnancy and birth care


  • A cribette or baby carrier: Enroll in the Moms and Babies program 
  • A cribette: Complete six prenatal visits with your provider
  • Earn $50: Go to one postpartum visit with your health care provider (within 7 to 84 days after birth)
  • A toy for your baby’s first birthday: Complete the Moms and Babies program

Care and safety


  • A $25 gift card:Complete an ATV rider safety and training course

Healthy actions


  • A $25 gift card: Complete a walking program (18+)

School and learning


  • $50 toward afterschool programs: Join an afterschool program; must use the reward to pay toward membership fees (Join a 4-H club and Aetna Better Health will cover program fees)
  • High school equivalency diploma: Complete high school graduation prep courses
  • Camp scholarships: Enroll in a children’s summer camp 
  • Quarterly rewards: Take part in Ted E. Bear, M.D. Wellness Club® activities (under age 13)

Cervical cancer screening


  • Earn $50: Complete cervical cancer screening/pap test (ages 21-64)

Ted E. Bear, M.D., Cub Club


Members 13 years of age and under to promote healthy habits and lifestyle. With the Ted E. Bear, M.D. Cub Club, you can earn rewards for healthy activity challenges, such as: 


  • Exercising
  • Fire Safety
  • Mental Health
  • Reading
  • Teeth Brushing 


To learn more or become a Cub Club member, call Member Services at 1-888-348-2922 (TTY: 711).


You can also learn more about your other standard benefits. Just visit our Medicaid benefits info page.

Get involved

Get involved

Want to play a more active role in your family’s health care? Or make a difference in your community? Consider joining the Member Advisory Committee (MAC). This group helps us find better ways to serve West Virginia’s youth.


Member Advisory Committee (MAC)


You can also stay up to date on the latest news and events.


News and events

Helpful resources and info


Looking for more ways to help you support your child and family? Just visit our resources and services page. Or check out these links. 


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